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David Hockney: Art as Biography Peter Webb Tuesday 10 September 2019

Peter Webb: David Hockney: Art as Biography

David Hockney remains one of the best known and most admired artists in the world. The lecture begins by analysing certain of  Hockney’s paintings of the sixties and demonstrating how in these paintings Hockney made use of coded and ironic references in creating self-portraits and portraits of people important to his personal and fantasy life.

California’s life style, including beaches, swimming pools, modern architecture, and showers, was an eye-opener to a twenty-six year old from the back streets of Bradford.  His paintings concentrated on this exciting new world, using the bright shining colours of acrylic paint.  His Californian pool paintings have become his trade mark, even though they form a tiny part of his output.

The lecture will also discuss Hockney’s work for the theatre, and his later work which has reflected his rich store of intellectual knowledge about the nature of art. It  concludes with his recent landscapes of Yorkshire.

Dr Peter Webb has degrees from Cambridge, an Academic Diploma from the courtauld Institute, and a PhD from the University of East Anglia.  Lectures at art galleries and universities in England, the United States, France, Italy, Canada. Hong Kong and Mexico.  Publications include Sphinx: the Life and Art of Leonor Fini (2009), Death, Desire and the Doll: the Life and Art of Hans Bellmer (2006), Portrait of David Hockney (1991) and The Erotic Arts (1975)